Love & friendship

When we all go our separate ways

I wrote this with a certain group of girls in mind. ❤

Change was inevitable and a known fact for quite some time. We all knew that everyone would get to the end of the path and take a different path that was going in a different direction. No two people are the same and it is important that we recognize this. We can't fault ourselves or our friends for the route they chose. We can't fault each other for leaving to pursue a new goal. We also can't fault ourselves for being a year too young. More than anything we have to accept that time is an ever changing mechanism. You have a certain amount of time for certain parts of your life and when it is time to change it is time to change and start a new adventure.

I know you might be sad that nothing will ever be the same again but you have memories and you still have each other. Things have to change to keep life interesting–remember that. If you are struggling to adjust to the new things in your life just relax. Embrace the change and remember where you came from. You have so much support behind you. Even if you aren’t together physically you are together. This unit you formed is special. The bond is unbreakable. No matter what happens you will always be connected to one another so remember that and know that you have a group of women that you love and who love you in return supporting you in everything you do. All of your struggles are inferior compared to the strength you have together. Remember where you came from. Remember what you’ve achieved. Remember you are never alone.

It is okay to miss your friends. You spent so much time together–it’s normal. You were so intwined in each other’s lives and you love each other deeply. This doesn’t have to change you just have to find new ways to be a part of each other’s lives. You may not see each other everyday anymore but you know that no matter what you will always have each other’s friendship. You may not talk as often but when you do the conversations will be meaningful and the words you exchange will be significant. You will find out that even if you drift apart that you can pick up right where you left off. You’ll learn to make an effort to keep each other informed with what is going on in your lives. You will always be friends because you are important to each other.

I’m sure your going to deny this, but you all also drove each other crazy!! Now you can have the space you sometimes needed. Change is healthy. Change is good–change allows you to do things you never would have done before. It allows you to take risks, meet new people, try new things, chase dreams, grow, and above all else it allows you to appreciate the friendships you have made.

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