Optimistic outlooks

Normal is being abnormal

We all have struggles. Every single one of us struggles in some way. We all have a type of “troubled past”. We all have our failures, illnesses, relationship problems, irrational fears, traumatic life events, self esteem issues, insecurities, ect. This makes us normal. I’ve come to realize that normal is basically being abnormal and having some kind of tragic flaw.

The key is to use our flaws to our advantage. These flaws are our demons and if we combat the things that hold us back properly we can use those very things to excel. Suck the life out of them and use them as fuel to excel. Every time we take a step forward we are closer to liberating ourselves from these demons and every step forward puts them one step behind us. The further behind us they are the better we will feel. When we move forward we become stronger, happier, and achieve more.

Be positive and believe that you can do anything. Don’t count yourself out, don’t sell yourself short, don’t give up on yourself, don’t feel bad about yourself, don’t let anything hold you back or bring you down. Have faith in you. You are bigger than your struggles and they do not own you, you own them so stand up to them and fight. You are stronger than you even know.

10 ways to overcome struggles
1. Combat negative thoughts with positive thoughts
2. Believe in yourself, if you don’t no one else will
3. Look at all of the good in your life
4. Smile often
5. Motivate others and in return they will motivate you
6. Be open. Don’t suffer alone. Let the people who care about you help you when you need help
7. Do things that make you happy even if they are small things–your happiness is important
8. Stand up for yourself, speak your mind, live your life, and don’t let others bring you down.
9. Eliminate negativity in your life
10. Understand that your abnormalities make you normal

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