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Live blogging my weekend–living the life I love

Today I was not in a great mood. I woke up cold, tired, and irritated. I left my travel mug at work again last night. I have laundry piles everywhere and no time to do the laundry. It’s below 60• in the house and I do not want to go to work. I desperately want a day off. I want to sleep past 7am. Every day I have something to do that requires getting up early–work, coaching, racing, long runs. I’m getting very tired and very worn out. I want to sleep for a week straight. I need to sleep but honestly I love my life. I’m just tired because my life is a never ending list of thing to do, places to go, obligations to fulfill, and personal goals I need to achieve. I do enjoy this 99% of the time. Right now I’m just exhausted.

3:10pm left work for xc practice. Ran about 3 miles with one of the athletes. Ran by a screaming obnoxious group of middle school children. Their coach seemed grumpy and mean and they seemed to hate running. As soon as they got away from the coach they started goofing off and walking. Why are they running if they hate it and why is she coaching if she is miserable?

Finally we got away from them. Did some strides.

4:45pm texted with teammates and canceled the workout for tonight. I didn’t want to do it anyway. My foot is in so much pain.
*sidenote: I have this quarter sized open blister on the back of my heel that won’t heal. I’ve been wearing moccasin slippers to work since Monday and running in pain all week. Did 2 runs on Monday and Wednesday. Took off yesterday because I couldn’t even walk straight. I don’t know if this will ever heal.

Came home stopped using my phone.
Felt liberated because I didn’t have my phone.
Went to dinner with Phil instead of sleeping.

10:15pm picked up my phone checked emails and went upstairs. Did core, stretched out & realized I needed to do some laundry. None of my coaching shirts are clean and where is my uniform?? I’m doing laundry now instead of sleeping.

11:45pm got in bed and set my alarms.

6:40am woke up to get ready for the meet

7:45am arrived at the school.

Around 8am we left for Stockton.

Women raced at 9:45 and men at 10:45. I didn’t really document my time at the meet. I took pictures but I forgot I was live blogging. I was too focused on how everyone was running. I love being at meets though. Watching other people run well makes me happy and since a lot of people never ran a 6k or and 8k they automatically PRed.

Stopped at the Hamilton mall for lunch but I only drank water because I wasn’t hungry.

2:05pm pulled in my driveway.

Went to craft fair. Bought candles.

6:30pm left for New Brunswick–my least favorite place to go.

8:17pm we made it to the driveway of garden state track club house.

Met a cute kitten & chatted with teammates.

Realized I spent so much time in the car today and that I miss my cats entirely too much when I’m not at home.
Went to sleep.

6:00am woke up
Got dressed, brushed my teeth, ate 2 bananas and a clif bar, gathered my stuff.

6:20am got in the team van and headed to jersey city.

Warmed up 1 mile.

8:30am ran the half marathon

10:01ish finished the race.

(Race recap to come)

Found another blister where the skin is ripped open on my toe.

Hung out with the team for a while. Skipped my cool down because of the new blister. Watched the awards. Got in the van. Came back to New Brunswick.

Around 2:30pm finally back home.

Spent time with my parents. Tried to fall asleep but I couldn’t. Took a shower. Blogged.

It’s been a good weekend even though I’m super tired. I love running, coaching, being a part of a team, the running community, my teammates, and I like racing sometimes–I’m working on that part. Once I found ways to live my life surrounded by things I loved I started to love my life. It’s not special and it’s certainly not extraordinary but my life makes me happy and that is all that truly matters at the end of each day.

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