Optimistic outlooks

Positive thoughts >negative thoughts

Recently I met someone who has the worst outlook on life. This person could win $1,000,000 and they would still complain. They would complain that they had to pay taxes on this money and then they would complain that they would be using this money to get out of debt and then they would complain that they wouldn’t have a lot of money left. People like this unnerve me. First, everything in life is a gift so appreciate things. Second, you have to try really really hard to find something bad about winning a $1,000,000. I don’t know about you but if I won a pile of money I certainly would not complain about it. I just don’t understand why some people waste their lives being negative. It doesn’t only ruin their happiness it ruins the happiness of the people around them. I refuse to spend time with people who bring negativity to my life. I would prefer to spend my time with people who are happy, positive, and appreciative of what they have.

You can easily turn a negative or bad situation into a good situation. For example, maybe you were training really hard for a long time for a particular race and at the very last minute something unforeseen came up…say you had a family emergency and you were now unable to run this race even though this is the best shape you have ever been in. Obviously, you would have the right to be upset or sad or angry but eventually you need to move on and find the good in the situation. It isn’t all bad. It may seem like it is at the time but if you relax, calm down, and analyze the situation you will be able to find something positive about it. It is the little things that make bad situations good. You can’t run that race but you can run others. Maybe one day you will be in even better shape, maybe you realized that the moments you can spend with your family are irreplaceable and maybe the memories you made while missing this race are worth far more than running well ever will be. Maybe you even believe that things happen for a reason and it wasn’t meant to be. If you try you will find something good even in the worst possible situations. A situation like this(by “this” I mean whatever you may consider to be a bad situation) can often be remedied or alleviated by simply not being negative. Stop being so “doom and gloom”. Despite what some people may believe life is not out to get you or me or anyone else. Life is what you make it, remember that. Bad things happen but good things happen too. No matter what you think your problem is remember somewhere out there someone else is worse off than you–and they are probably as happy as their life will allow them to be.

*Counteract every negative thought with positive thoughts.

*Appreciate what you have and focus on the good things.

*Find the good things in bad situations.

If you can do this I guarantee you will be happier and I guarantee the people around you will be happier too. It is amazing how a few positive thoughts can change everything. Try it I dare you!

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