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How you know you have found your “soulmate”

I often get asked the question, “how do you know when you have found true love?” I assume people ask me this question because I got married but I honestly don’t know. I find this question to be overwhelming and I usually can’t explain the answer when I’m put on the spot because it’s a complex question. The simple response and the easy way out is to say “you just know” but it’s more intricate than that. When you actually love someone you aren’t selfish, you prioritize how the other person feels, and you appreciate the person but that’s not even a great answer because you can apply this to any other relationship you have. You can love your family and your friends in this same way. The key to knowing how you’ve found your “soulmate”, for me anyway, was seeing the person in a different way than I saw anyone else. You look at the person you love and then you look at everyone else and no matter who they are, no matter how attractive they are, how intelligent they are, how rich they are, how popular they are you don’t see them as anything more than another friend or acquaintance or even just another person you’ve crossed paths with. They don’t stand out at all. When you find your true love (your soulmate) everyone else looks the same and the person you are in love with stands out in any crowd. They are the only person you care to see in a crowded room, the only person you hear when everyone around you is screaming to get your attention, and they are also the last person you will ever “like” and they will like you and love you equally as much as you like and love them. If you are in a relationship and you find yourself to be less than content or you find that other people are piquing your interest than you haven’t found your true love yet.

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