Optimistic outlooks

Don’t set a bad example–you are a role model

I live my life the way I do because I don’t want to set bad examples for others. I am just an ordinary person and I know that the majority of the people in this world could care less who I am or what I do but I know there is at least one person who cares. I know this because there are several people I admire and consider to be role models and I know they have no clue–I know they don’t know because I’ve never told them. That’s the thing…someone is always watching you or looking at you as an example. You are a role model to at least one person even if you don’t know it. This is why I like to live my life positively and why I try to make the wisest decisions I can. I am not perfect and I have my faults, but I try my best to handle them gracefully. I am trying to set good examples because I would hate to disappoint the one person who may care if I made a questionable decision.

As you live your life, no matter who you are, remember that someone looks up to you. Someone sees you as a role model. Someone is inspired by you. Someone may even strive to be like you. If you think you don’t matter in this world you are wrong. Live the best life you can, the best way you can because to someone you are an inspiration. If you live your life correctly you will be an inspiration to many.

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