Fall favorites–8 things I love about fall

1. Cross country season! Who doesn’t love running fast on trails and up hills?!

2. The crispness of the fall air. It’s magical and it is filled with hope and possibility.

3. Craft fairs. Gotta get my candles and kettle corn.

4. Walking or running though town at dusk and feeling like I’m in a horror movie. I know this one is weird but horror movies always start with a person walking through a quaint town at dusk. I like the thrill of pretending I’m in a horror movie.

5. Sipping coffee to stay warm. Believe it or not coffee tastes even better in the fall–no it’s not just because of the pumpkin spice.

6. Sweaters and hoodies! My fall/winter wardrobe is wayyyyy better than my summer/spring wardrobe.

7. The leaves are beautiful. They are like art in motion as they fall and get blown around by the wind.

8. Kittens start to get fluffier!

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