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Saturated Saturday–9 facts about XC races in the rain

It is supposed to rain all day here in New Jersey and the surrounding areas which makes cross country dangerous and more challenging but don’t fret it is possible to have an awesome race anyway!

9 facts about XC in the rain
1. Time is irrelevant for once. Everyone is only focusing on place. No one is going to run an XC PR in the rain. Well, maybe someone will but the majority will not. Just keep advancing your way through the pack.

2. Splash in puddles because it’s fun and it will throw the competition off. Those careful, agile people who try to stay dry won’t want to be anywhere near you so you will run right by them.

3. You might fall and that’s okay. Every time you fall you stand back up and you will always be standing up one more time than you have fallen. Also, if you fall near the end slide across the finish line!!

4. Don’t worry about being sweaty after and don’t worry about needing a shower!! Multitask–shower and race at the same time.

5. The faster you run the faster you can have dry socks, shoes & clothes. So run faster to get dry.

6. If you get thirsty during the race there is an unlimited water supply!!

7. If you get mud on your face it’s like getting a free facial. You’ll look beautiful at the end!

8. Mud fights are 100% acceptable post race.

9. Running an xc race in the rain makes you hard core and you will feel accomplished at the end for surviving no matter what your time/place is.

One thought on “Saturated Saturday–9 facts about XC races in the rain

  1. Running in the rain……. You are goofy but everything you said is true lol!!!! I wish when you were 18 you would have read that letter my life would have been so much easier.


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