Alternate Reality Saturday

Alternate Reality Saturday–She was not a runner (part 1)

NOTE: This is a new segment that is completely fiction. Nothing below reflects actual life events. Nothing below will ever actually happen. My life is probably the complete opposite of anything I am writing. This is a completely made up version of what my life would be like if decided to be a regular person instead of a distance runner.

It’s 6am and I am getting up completely rested. My body doesn’t hurt and I feel refreshed after a solid 8 hours of sleep. I walk downstairs and my house is perfectly neat and organized. Nothing is out of place. It looks like the type of home you would see featured in a magazine. I turn on the coffee and sit down in the living room to eat my oatmeal and drink my coffee while watching Good Morning America. I leave the TV on while I get a quick shower. My hair dries perfectly the way I want it to without any effort because I get it cut every 6 weeks to keep it from growing too long, too quick, and becoming a monstrosity. I walk back upstairs to my perfectly organized closet full of business casual clothes and fancy shoes. I pick out an outfit and I accessorize. I even have purses to match my shoes!! I put on makeup–not to much but enough to make me look like my age. I go back downstairs. It’s 7:30 now. I quickly browse my calendar and look at today’s appointments. I then check my business email and read the news highlights for the day. It’s now 7:45. I pet my polite kittens and turn off the TV. I get into my Porsche and begin my commute to my corporate business type of job that is of course 45 minutes away from my home. I’m stuck in traffic for a good 5 minutes but I am not late. I have a huge office with a bunch of awards hung up on the walls. I also have a business card. My day is filled with conference calls, meetings, and email correspondences. I am apparently very good and what I am doing. I made this company a lot of money today. Also, no one mistook me for a college student. It is 5:30pm and I am leaving the office. I am trying to drive home but I am again stuck in traffic. I decide to listen to an audio book because who doesn’t like to listen to audio books when stuck in traffic?? I make it home by 7pm. I make dinner, do some laundry(I never have laundry piles), and relax before bed. I am in bed by 10pm. I also fall right to sleep. I never have insomnia. I also wear actual pajamas and I don’t toss and turn all night. When I lay down in bed I realize my life is boring but I accept that. I’m making tons of money so it must be worth it.

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