Optimistic outlooks

The great task in life is to find reality-Iris Murdoch

What exactly is reality?? I think it is an ever-changing sequence of events. Everything real evolves over time–reality changes but reality is also living in the moment. It is the present–what is happening right now.

For a while I was mad about the reality of my life, specifically the first few years after graduating from college. I wasn’t happy about things from the past and I was overwhelmed by the possibilities of the future. Everything seemed impossible and nonexistent in the future–the future doesn’t exist so that makes sense in retrospect. I had to find reality and my reality did not exist because I wasn’t living in it.

It took me a while to learn that what is important is the present. It’s great to have forethought and it’s even better to reflect and learn from your history but don’t forget about today.

Live each day in real time and you will be happier. Experience your surroundings and concentrate on the moments of the present. Realize you are living in reality and make the most of this day. It is real and it is yours for the making.

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