Shopping, shoes, deals & thrills!! AKA winning on a Wednesday!

I’m happy to report that I finally ordered new shoes for work and new running shoes. It’s taken over a month of my feet hurting at work, two weeks of being chronically sore post run, and my problematic foot swelling. This was a direct result of pure laziness, stubbornness, and stupidity.

Let’s back track for a moment. I have not purchased a pair of running shoes since early January and those were an $8 pair of xc spikes–no I’m not stealing shoes! I’ve just been fortunate enough to receive them as gifts (thanks mom & dad), rewards from hard work (money from winning races), and perks of things I’m involved in. The fact that this is real life sometimes amazes me.

Recently I decided that my good fortune had run out and that I needed to stop being idiotic and buy shoes. I’ve been hurting my feet by running in wrecked shoes (one pair has over 800 miles on them). I made a goal to buy new shoes for work and running while spending only $80. Sounds difficult……but it is possible. I get a thrill from finding sales! I found a fantastic deal on my favorite New Balance running shoes and on a pair of fancy shoes for when I work & act grown up. I did this while spending only $82.49 and acquired free shipping! I met my goal because I did not account for shipping in my $80 budget.

I ❤️ awesome deals!

This deal was made possible by did not pay me to endorse their website, they get enough endorsements on their own by having fantastic deals.

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