Hilarious moments

Hilarious moments 10/6-10/16

Monday 10/6
Ninja drug a pair of my running shorts out of the laundry basket and put them on the dinning room table. Instead of being mad I decided to wear them at practice that day. My cat has skills.


Found 10 wheat pennies at work and visualized myself hitting the jackpot, became overly excited, stared off into the distance and had to be brought back to reality by a random stranger.

Drank wayyyyyy to much coffee and had issues sleeping.

Tuesday 10/7
Got asked out on a date by a student. I asked him if he needed help with something and he said “yes, I need your name, phone number & to take you out to dinner.” *didn’t even have to flash the wedding band, a simple no I’m 27 worked.

Wednesday 10/8
Got mistaken for a student.

Thursday 10/9
Posted this tweet: Just got a sign up form for the ashenfelter 8k in the mail. Keep dreaming north jersey I won’t be doing that this year. #toofar

And this tweet: T-shirt is too big–Makes me look like I don’t have shorts on. The struggle of being small……

Friday 10/10
I said I was hoping something got delivered at work and my coworker said we had a better chance of Paris Hilton showing up, I agreed. My delivery showed up.

Saturday 10/11
Lots of hilarious things happen at xc meets. Also, stalled a tempo run upon my return from the meet. That was hilarious……

Sunday 10/12
Posted this tweet: I wish I was a cat right now

Changed my sheets and got my warm comforter out and my cats claimed the clean, warm bed as their own.


Monday 10/13
The lady parked next to me thought I was a student who snuck in the faculty staff lot probably because I had a backpack….she even walked around my car to check and see if I had the proper parking sticker when I walked toward the building.

Got tons of compliments on my one of a kind cardigan. Then I derived great pleasure from telling people it was from a consignment shop in Colorado when they asked where they could get one. I’m not talking about 2-3 compliments I’m talking about 10-20 compliments. Also, took a selfie wearing the cardigan.


Tuesday 10/14
Ninja was my study buddy


Wednesday 10/15
Posted this tweet: I’m far from normal…I can’t ever set the microwave for a normal amount of time. It’s always a random time like 1 minute 24 seconds

My coworker said it would downpour when I left work to go to cross country practice. He was right. It stopped raining when we stopped running.

Thursday 10/16
I was that person when your in a training session about pathogens that sneezes.

Took the day off from work but spent equally as much time on campus as I would have if I had actually gone to work….this is hilarious and sad.

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