Alternate Reality Saturday

Alternative Reality Saturday–She was not a runner (part 2)

In an alternate reality I wake up on a Saturday morning naturally–no alarms, to the sound of birds chirping. I stretch my arms over my head and put on a robe and slippers, not moccasins and a hoodie. Then I walk downstairs and eat breakfast, shower, and put on actual real clothes, not spandex shorts or a race t-shirt. I don’t necessarily have anywhere to go but I still choose to look nice while just being at home. Around 11 I decide I want to go to the coffee shop in town. It’s a nice day so I decide to walk there. On my way to the coffee shop I see a woman running down the street and I make eye contact with her. I’m not sure why but she is intriguing and I feel like when I look into her eyes I see possibility. She runs away in the opposite direction–I’ll probably never see her again. I’m at the coffee shop now so I order my coffee and take a seat. I pull my iPad out of my designer, oversized purse and I begin reading international news stories. I spend a lot of time here but then I decide to head home. I walk home. Around 5pm I get a phone call from some work friends to meet up for dinner, I go. I see a team in the restaurant, they may be runners–I don’t know exactly. They are wearing neon and weird socks. I can’t help but notice how much fun they appear to be having. Everyone over there is laughing, smiling, and telling stories. At my table we are all just discussing work and using our smart phones. I then notice the same woman I saw this morning. She is telling someone how she ran 60 miles that week and I can’t help but wonder if she even has a job, how could someone do that while working? I then hear her say she works a full time job–my jaw drops. Someone from my group says my name and my attention is quickly brought back to the discussion. I don’t think about this woman anymore today.

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