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Friendship is a door: the 6 different types of friendships

The open door friend
The open door friend will walk in and out of your life whenever they feel like it. They will walk in purely out of convenience and leave purely out of convenience. For some reason the door to this friendship never closes even though it’s not ideal. These friendships keep life interesting.

The back door buddy
This is the friend who only knocks when they have a problem, and they always have a problem. They are also insecure about their problem(s) so they come to the back door and not the front door. They don’t come around to have a good time and they rarely ask how you are doing. My advice to you is to lock the back door. These people will only bring you down with them.

The revolving door friend
This is the type of friend who keeps resurfacing. The friendship never truly ends it just fades away for a period of time and then out of the blue you bump into the person and the friendship revives itself. This will be a continuous cycle, like a revolving door, that will repeat throughout the course of your life.

The glass door friend
This is that friend that you can just see right through. They aren’t really your friend, you don’t want to be their friend, but for some reason the two of you are forced together enough that you become friends by default. You can also see through this person and see who they really are.

The front door friend
Front door friends are actual friends that you enjoy spending time with. You let them in but only after they knock.

The automatic door friend
These friendships are like the automatic doors when you walk into a store or a hotel lobby. They require no effort and no matter what happens you know you can always walk up to them and they will open with ease. They also never shut when you are on your way in. It doesn’t matter where you are, where your coming from, or how long it’s been since you’ve last walked through these doors, they will always open for you no matter what.

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