Track Tuesday-Workout recap & more

Yesterday was insane from the moment I woke up because I knew that last night was going to be torture. I had to work all day, but this isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Then I had a live online class at 8pm and then a track workout.

When I left work I had approximately 90 minutes from the time I got home until the start of the class. If I didn’t have technically difficulties all the time this wouldn’t be an issue– I would probably be able to accomplish tons of things in that 90 minute window. Unfortunately, I am not technologically inclined despite how much time I spend online. I immediately came home and turned on my computer and began frantically trying to get everything set up. I actually did a little bit of work while figuring it out….NOT. It basically took me the entire 90 minutes plus some to actually get into the class. *sidenote*When I decided to go back to school I had 2 choices, complete my grad program online or move to California. I opted to stay here in NJ which seemed like the better option…..check back in January when it’s Antarctica outside and I’m sure I’ll decide I’m too bad with technology and that I should move.

Luckily, while all of this was happening Phil was kind enough to make me breakfast–by breakfast I mean dinner. We like to eat breakfast for dinner, at least I do. If there was a prize for best husband, yesterday he totally would have won.

After the class ended I got ready for the workout and went to put on my brand new, never worn before shoes and found that ninja had almost chewed through one of the shoe laces while I was in my class. It was still wet with cat drool and he sat there and looked so cute–I was furious. Junior was the good cat yesterday.

This workout was the last thing I wanted to do but I sucked it up and drive over to the track only because a teammate was meeting me there. If there was a prize for best teammate, yesterday she would have won. Doing 1ks around 10pm is not fun or ideal but this is real life. I want to be faster so I do what I have to do. Basically, running trumps everything else. As long as a run gets done before midnight it counts. So we did the workout. It went by quick and the times were good. 3:42, 3:37, 3:36, 3:34, 3:33. I can’t complain at all considering this is my least favorite workout ever and I needed to hit them in 3:45.

The moral of the story is that if you want something bad enough you’ll make time to work toward your goals. Also, you will have people there to support you and help you when you are exhausted and about to let your goals slip away. Thank those people and know that no good success story comes without hard work and no good success story can be written without the assistance of others.

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