Alternate Reality Saturday

Alternative Reality Saturday–She was not a runner (part 3)

Part 1

Part 2

I woke up on a typical Monday morning after a nice weekend off, ready to tackle another day at the office. As I went through my morning routine I found myself very distracted. For some reason I can not shake the image of this woman from my mind. Why am I so intrigued by this stranger and her passion for running? I proceed with my morning and don’t think about this again until I am in a meeting with about a dozen other professionals. What is happening in this room is not holding my interest anymore. I excuse myself and walk down the hall to a large window that over looks a small courtyard. I can see my reflection in the glass but I don’t see me as I am. I see me as I could have been. I realize I am mesmerized by this runner because I once contemplated joining my high school’s cross country team. I decided not to do it so that I could focus on more practical things, like academics, getting into a fancy college, and having a successful career in the future. What would have happened if I had become a runner? What would I be doing right now instead? Would I be here looking out this window at this very moment or would my life have taken me down a completely different road? Who could I have become? One decision can change the course your whole entire life. It is never to late to take a different road–l walked back into the meeting. 

She was not a runner and she was not a risk taker. 


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