Hilarious moments

Hilarious & noteworthy moments 10/20/14-10/24/14

Monday 10/20
At work a student came up to me and said “I need to get ready!” Puzzled I said, “okay then”. The student then proceeded to tell me he is “getting ready” for the Ben Franklin Bridge Run. Still puzzled I said, “yes that’s coming up soon. I’m also running it.”
Still I was not sure how the guy knew I would even be interested in this topic.
I was wearing a running related necklace and an xc jacket. Didn’t make the connection until over an hour later.

I received a free pair of running shoes today that I had lost all hope of ever receiving. Friday the pair I bought came in the mail. If this isn’t Murphy’s law I don’t know what is.


Tuesday 10/21
Ninja chewed almost all the way through one of the shoelaces on the aforementioned shoes.

Wednesday 10/22
A student asked me “where is my stipin?”
Is that even a word??

Took some money to the bank to exchange it for coins. Didn’t realize how heavy the coins would be. Almost fell over when I tried to leisurely lift the bag off the counter. #awkward

Took this photo


Bri & I wore these retro rain slickers. Looks like we have no shorts on.


Took the team on a run to the abandoned house to get in the Halloween mood & for a good scare. They all went inside and then someone leaned out the second story window and it scared me. I’m pretty sure I jumped! Taking them there was supposed to scare them not me!!

Posted this tweet: The amount of peanut-butter I put on my rice cakes is comparable to how much snow is in the arctic. #toomuch

And this tweet: Bc of #timehop I know that a yr ago I loved cats, running, Twitter & the color pink. 2 yrs ago I hated laundry. I haven’t changed at all

This is real life


Junior tried to help me with my assignment


Ninja deleted part of the assignment

Thursday 10/23
Bought this EOS lip balm because I wasn’t having a good day


Posted this tweet: Yesterday I told the politicians I didn’t have time to talk to them so they called again today and I didn’t answer. I’m on to them.

Wondered where the term “head shot” came from.

Friday 10/24
Took this picture so I wouldn’t waste a good hair day


Referred to my Twitter feed to prove Phil wrong!

2 cups of coffee with dinner and a nap after running seemed like good ideas at the time but not when I couldn’t sleep

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