USATFNJ XC8k race recap (WARNING!!! Gross feet photos included)

I can not even recap this race with words. This picture says it all. IMG_2450.JPG
This is the back of my heel. This happened while I was racing due to the $8 spikes I’ve been bragging about. DO NOT BUY $8 SPIKES no matter how tempting of a deal it sounds like. I wore these spikes about a month ago and the same thing happened but I thought that was because my sock slipped down and exposed my heel. This time I had compression socks on. It’s not my socks. It’s the shoes. DO NOT BUY $8 SPIKES!!!!

This doesn’t even look as bad as it did at the race. The medical person on staff said this was the worst blister she had ever seen. She only got to see it because Greta carried me there on her back. Thank you Greta! Probably would have gotten infected had I not gotten this taken care of.
And if that isn’t bad enough

This happened. I don’t credit this to my shoes. This had been manifesting for some time but fully came to the surface today probably because I was compensating for the blister and blood gushing out of it. Now I’ve got a blood blister under my big toe too.

Despite this and the severe pain I was in I finished as the 10th overall woman (my goal in any race like this is to be in the 10 top). I also ran 32:49–this was not my goal time……not even close, but the course was hilly, it was windy, and I was bleeding so honestly I’m impressed by this.

You can clearly tell I’m making the pain face in this picture.

Aside from the blisters and the blood I felt amazing. I felt strong, confident, not sore, prepared for once, and I really enjoyed the course. I know it was a hilly one but I liked it. It was beautiful and scenic. I love fall and I love cross country. I said I wouldn’t do this race again next year because it’s far away but after running it I’ve changed my mind. I will run it again–I’ll just wear different shoes!!!

(Sorry for the gross pictures of my feet….this is the only way I could accurately recap this race.)

4 thoughts on “USATFNJ XC8k race recap (WARNING!!! Gross feet photos included)

  1. Oh lord, I have to show a photo one day of when I raced my marathon and my feet after that. It was about the same and I couldn’t walk for days. I’m glad you felt great during the race though. 🙂


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