Thoughts at midnight

1. The more you want to hurry through a task the longer it will take.
2. Tomorrow may be horrible but it may also be the best day of my life.
3. The sweatpants I’m wearing date back to 2002. They are from a team championship in 2002 & the year 2002 is printed on them. Apparently I keep my clothes for 12 years.
4. My cats are very spoiled.
5. I have so much laundry to do before Friday morning.
6. I will most likely not be running for 2 days.
7. I’m okay with not running for 2 days because life exists outside of running. Also because this is literally a pain.
8. At least 5 students will come to campus confused because they did not know there are no classes scheduled tomorrow.
9. Won’t be making my fall goal of doing 100 consecutive push-ups unless I start doing push-ups again.
10. Dreams fuel my success. I’m successful when I have a dream.
11. People should stay up later and sleep later. It’s the same as going to bed early and waking up early.
12. I need to locate the pair of xc spikes I have that don’t hurt my feet. They are neon blue and yellow asics–practically new–don’t hurt my feet–just MIA.
13. One day all the hard work I put in will pay off. It’s just not meant to happen that way right now. I’ll have to be patient and wait.
14. Some people are self centered but that doesn’t mean they are bad people. It just means they need help seeing the world around them. Help them. Enlighten them and you will see things clearer too.
15. Let’s all be happy
16. Mother Nature is confused. Spring? Fall? Winter? Pick one!
17. Coffee reminds me of Christmas morning when I was a kid. Smelling it reminds me of my family. I think this is why I like it so much.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts at midnight

  1. In my world yOU ARE PERFECT…… Vintage sweatpants are the best !!! Having.a TOE is better than running !!! All your dreams have come true so far but you still have dreams to achieve!!! POTENIIAL dreams are the ones that require work and your work ethics will get you to them however you will always have dreams to dream. THROW those 8dollar spikes away !!!!!!!!! Coffee is the best ! I AM SO VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!!!


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