Inside my backpack

This is the backpack I’ve had since 7th grade. It is 14 years old. Finally & sadly it has a hole in it. My dad got this for me and now it’s broken. Dad maybe you can get me a new one for Christmas?! What better time to retire it than tonight while packing for an overnight trip since I’ll need to transfer my things to a duffle bag?

This is what is inside. I’ll go through the contents with you so you can see some of the ridiculous things I lug around daily. My mom thinks my purse(when I use one) is a mess, this is almost worse.

1 Nike ear warmer headband.
1 orange half marathon T-shirt from 2009
1 ultimate direction Jenny handy bottle
1 potentially dirty race jersey because ya know races spontaneously arise….or because I don’t do laundry
1 pair of hot pink zensah arm sleeves
1 stretching rope
1 phiten necklace
5 sparkly soul headbands
The clothes I wore to work today
1 flashlight because power outages are common where I work and also for night runs
1 stick
1 calf massager that looks like the Cingular X

1 sports bra
1 pair of spandex shorts
1 hat for rainy days
2 pairs of clean underwear
2 balls: 1 tennis ball & 1 that I can’t identify (for rolling under my feet when they hurt of course)
Pepper spray
Propel–the kind you squeeze into water
Female specific things
2 pairs of socks: 1 pair of mismatched socks & 1 black pair
My glasses
1 half dirty sweatshirt
1 spoon
My wallet
1 empty bandaid box
1 empty pack of Gatorade chews from summer
1 new balance tag–maybe from shoes?
A few run jersey bumper stickers I had left over from when I handed them out at an event my club hosted

3 watches: 1 Garmin, 1 that belongs to phil, 1 that has a broken band
1 road ID
Motion sick bands
2 race bibs
1 sign up form for a race I ran nearly a month ago
2 types of migraine medication that doesn’t work
1 sketchy looking bottle of Ibuprofen
4 safety pins
1 pen
7 chap sticks
3 EOS lip balms

1 makeup bag filled with hair ties, ktape, phiten bracelets, scissors, ect that would constitute a separate post
8 sheets of paper I wrote blog ideas on while at work
63 cents
1 powerade bottle cap
1 iPhone charger
1 xc meet schedule
1 certificate saying I did harassment training
18 old coins for my collection

1 letter from my graduate school
Lots of dirt

This concludes the random contents of my yellow northface backpack. May in rest in piece on the shelf in my closet while I hold out hope that it can be repaired.

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