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Welcoming Wednesday!!

I am so excited Tuesday is over. Tuesday wasn’t a “bad” day it was just a day full of anticipation–the stressful kind. I had a final last night that I was nervous about and then immediately following the final I had to do a workout. This workout was what I am calling the “mother of all workouts” and knowing that I would be doing it at 9:30pm wasn’t helping. Now that it’s over I’m in a great mood but rewind to Tuesday morning & I was miss miserable. I had stayed up very late Monday night studying for the final so I was sleep deprived going into Tuesday. I’m not a morning person so lack of sleep coupled with my hatred of the morning added an extra spin to the day. All day I was just stressing out about this test and the workout. I took the exam around 7pm and used the full hour that was allotted. It went better than I thought but I won’t feel relieved until I get it back. Then I went to do the workout with my teammate. This also went better than expected and I do feel relieved about this.
This was the workout:


Don’t know how I pulled that off but I’m glad it went well. I’m glad Tuesday is over. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Today will be wonderful and less stressful!

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