Another weekend I didn’t blog

This weekend was spent in Canadaigua, New York at xc nationals. This trip was so much fun that I forgot I even had a blog until the drive home.


Friday we left and it was about 50•. On the way to Canadaigua the temperature dropped and it was snowing. There was also some confusion about what time it was since the van clock hadn’t been adjusted after “falling behind”. Luckily I have a watch. We stopped at a sketchy rest stop. I don’t think everyone was happy about this but things like this make traveling more interesting. We arrived at the course and ran it. It was muddy, cold, and very slippery. Then we went to the hotel to get ready for the banquet. There was a knitting convention. The banquet was really nice. The speaker was interesting, I was a witness to a great dance routine, and we took lots of pictures. Believe or not none of those things were my favorite part of the banquet. My favorite part of the banquet was the cookies. They were chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips. They were delicious and I would still be eating them now if I had more. After the banquet I tried really hard to connect my iPad to the hotel wifi so that I could post replies to the discussion board for my class. There was an issue with the wifi and I couldn’t connect so the nice woman at the front desk let me use her computer. I really appreciated that because I would have had a huge problem if I couldn’t get online. After that crisis our fan club showed up, the team went to bed, and I was awake most of the night with some of my favorite people. 💙

Saturday morning I had a great breakfast and we left the hotel. It was still cold but the course wasn’t as slippery as the day before. The races happened. We left. On the way home I learned how to play catch phrase and now I am really good at it. I also stayed awake the whole way home. This trip ending means I went all season without having to drive the van!!!

Sunday I basically slept all day. I said I wanted to sleep for a month straight but one day is probably sufficient.

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