11 ways I’m trying to be positive about winter

I’m trying to be positive about winter but I HATE winter and once the holidays are over and the fun ends my hatred for winter gets even worse. I HATE being cold and I am absolutely miserable when I have to run with 4 shirts on to stay warm. I also despise waking up on a winter morning, getting out of bed & shivering to the point where I feel paralyzed by the cold. I HATE getting out of the shower in the winter because the only thing I hate more than being cold is being cold & wet. I could continue to list reasons why I hate the winter but I will not. I’m going to ATTEMPT to embrace winter this year.

Here is how:
1. I’ll hope for lots of snow days and when we have them I will stay home and pretend I’m a stay at home runner/kitten mother/grad student.
2. I will drink even more coffee than I already do. ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
3. I will drink hot chocolate more than I already do.
4. I will spend money on more neon jackets and shirts (that I don’t need but want) to stay warm.
5. I will bake so I can keep the oven on to warm up the house, also because I love desserts.
6. I will make Phil go for snow walks with me more frequently than we did last year because falling snow is beautiful and the town is peaceful at night.
7. After XC nationals I will not be racing until spring so those days my body just can’t take the cold I won’t feel bad about running on my treadmill and watching Netflix.
8. I will fall in love with my heated blanket all over again.
9. I will only complain about the cold 2x a day instead of all day long.
10. My kittens will want to snuggle more and so will I.
11. I’ll most likely do laundry regularly because using the dryer will make the house warmer.

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