Fun Facts

Fun Fact Friday 11/21/14

1. When I was in college I participated in a research project where we used operant conditioning strategies to train pigeons to peck a button to receive food, so I’ve held pigeons before.

2. Mint chocolate chip ice cream is my favorite ice cream but only if it’s green. I won’t eat the white kind. Oh, and it has to be turkey hill.

3. I love hello kitty.

4. One time I ran a PR & Kara Goucher signed the back of my race number.

5. I love practical jokes.

6. One year my birthday was only 23 hours long because I flew from the central time zone back to the east coast.

7. I am super afraid of dogs and use to have nightmares that vicious dogs were under my bed when I was a child.

8. I have too many hoodies.

9. If south jersey had mountains I would hike all the time.

10. I am allergic to Tide.

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