What happened to kindness and compassion?

This week has been rough for me. It’s complicated and difficult to explain why and I’m not going to explain it. The reason I’m writing this isn’t because my issues are relevant or necessary to discuss, it is because I want to relay a very important message.

We as human beings are all flawed in our own ways. We all have things that haunt us, some more than others. We all have a past and we have all been through struggles. Regardless of what those struggles are we all have them and we all handle them differently. What is a big deal to me may not be to you & what is a big deal to you may not be to me. This is what makes us all uniquely different and just because we see or feel things differently does not give anyone the right to discount someone else’s feelings or emotions. Telling a person to get over it, move on, let it go, or my personal favorite….I don’t think that is a big deal is just hurtful and if you do this than you deserve to have karma come back and bite you. Even telling a person it could be worse is completely uncalled for in most situations. Telling someone you see struggling that it could be worse isn’t fair or acceptable. How do you even know what worse would be? Why do you even think you have the right to imagine how anyone else must feel?

You don’t always know what a person is going through. You don’t always know their struggles or their demons, you don’t know how they feel so wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be kinder and more uplifting toward other human beings. Could we resist the urge to be a jerk? Could we resist the urge to knock others down to feel good about ourselves? Can we please forgive people when they make mistakes and accept that everyone needs help and support sometimes? If we can do these things can we do them with sincerity?

Treat others how you wish to be treated.

One thought on “What happened to kindness and compassion?

  1. Sometimes it takes me a moment, but I always try to consider that someone else is having a harder day than I am. That type of consideration can go a really long way, and I wish everyone were good at it.:) Hugs, and all that.


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