Thoughts at 10pm

1. I’m wearing the beautiful snowflake necklace Phil gave me a few years ago for Christmas–take this as a hint Mother Nature.
2. I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. I want a snow day.
3. Gilmore girls never gets old. I can watch this show over and over and over again.
4. I have a project and a paper due within the next 2 weeks and I haven’t started either of them yet. 😁A snow day would be nice.
5. Christmas is in one month.
6. iPhones have a do not disturb setting. I didn’t know this and it’s amazing. Now no one can bother me after 10pm.
7. I wish I had some m&ms or coffee.
8. If I drink coffee now I’ll be up until the new year. I already can’t sleep.
9. I’m not a fan of social media lately.
10. I can wait to go to the Christmas parade Saturday night.
11. Some days I miss college because of being able to wear running clothes all day.
12. Thanks to Lauren & Aysha now I want a Lauren Fleshman Believe journal.
13. One day everything will pay off and it will be worth it.

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