Black Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2014

I love Black Friday!! I don’t love Black Thanksgiving though. It’s ridiculous how early stores are opening. People are missing time with their families to fight for deals. I would never do that. I love Black Friday but I love my family more. Even though I love Black Friday I don’t like crowds. That’s one good thing about the birth of Black Thanksgiving……..Going out at a more normal time (an average time Black Friday would start) helps to avoid some of the crowds. It also helps that I have no desire to buy electronics on Black Friday. I go Black Friday shopping for Yankee Candles, vanilla bean Noel lotion and body spray from Bath & Body Works & ribbon from the craft store. I’ve been going with my sister in law the past few years. She introduced me to Black Friday and now I wait all year to go, well not really, but several weeks leading up to it I get very very excited. Phil also comes with us now too.

I successfully purchased everything I wanted to on sale.
These Yankee candles were around $5. I cashed in credit card points for a gift card and had a coupon for buy 2 get 2 free. I got 2 and my sister in law got 2. We split the difference after the gift card and coupon and the balance was around $10 so we only had to pay $5 each!!!!
This is a huge deal!!!!!


This festive holiday ribbon was $2.58.


I paid $20 for all of this. I only wear this scent and Bath & Body Works only sells it near the holidays. Naturally, I stock up on Black Friday when they have the buy 3 get 3 free sale. I also cashed in credit card points and got a gift card for Bath & Body Works. One year they may stop selling vanilla bean Noel and I’ll write a novel of a blog post but every year I can successfully purchase a year’s supply of it on Black Friday is a HUGE accomplishment.


I also purchased a gift for my mom.
I can’t post a picture of this because there are days when my mother is probably my only reader sooooo………

Other noteworthy moments:


This. Coffee. Mug.
This can be found at the craft store, Michael’s. I should have purchased it.

We went to Kmart….and no one was there.

Phil carried the candle bags until he got annoyed by how heavy they were and brought them to the car.

I witnessed my brother working at the mall on Black Friday.

I didn’t get much sleep and then I ran a workout at 10am!! 6x1k, my least favorite workout ever. For those who care or read my blog for updates on running: it was a cold, windy workout. It was, in my opinion, the worst workout I have had all season but I was still hitting the right times. I felt like I was wheezing, I don’t have any issues with breathing but I did during this workout. 3:40 3:40 3:42 3:44 3:45. I’m happy that’s over.

Junior did this…….


I made hair bows out of my ribbon


I caught Ninja doing this


I Spent the rest of the day into early Saturday morning doing research for my paper and working on my project.

Now it’s time for Christmas!!!!

How did you spend Black Friday??

6 thoughts on “Black Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2014

  1. Your cats are adorable! And I love that coffee mug. I had to promise my doctor I’d cut back to one cup of coffee a day. If I got that I wouldn’t have to lie about it…

    I didn’t want to go black Friday shopping, but we spent the day doing housework and then there was a list of things we needed, so we found ourselves out Black Friday shopping for a propane tank refill, paper towels and fertilizer. Those things were obviously not on sale. Basically we dealt with a lot of traffic and crazy people for nothing. #fail

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    1. I love these cats!! I may be a crazy cat person 😳 I’m contemplating going back for the coffee mug….maybe they make a travel mug that size?!. I’ve never heard of fertizer, propane, or paper towels being on sale for Black Friday but at least none of those things were sold out when you got to the store. I would never want to go out for a “hot item”. To me, it’s just not worth the hassle and aggravation. I’ll stick to my silly list of trivial items.


  2. That coffee mug is enormous! Wow! I love deals and I’m glad you were able to buy many items without braking the bank. Yankee candle sent the same coupons in the mail & I can’t wait to use them! I love gift wrap & making cards so the ribbon you bought is a great selection.
    I spent my Black Friday sleeping in until 8am & went shopping with my relatives from 9am-3pm. We stopped for lunch at noon which is now a tradition. I hit up major deals in the athletic department of Macy’s & Express (50% off everything & 2x points). It wasn’t too busy.
    I was in need of a new car especially before the 1st snow fall. Later that evening, I drove my reliable yet rejected 2000 Hyundai Accent to Manahawkin Kia with my boyfriend who was a great help. I negotiated a great deal for a brand new 2015 Kia Soul. Since I don’t own any credit cards I was shocked to see I had a high credit score (monthly student loan payments?). Interest rate at 2.9% $250/54 months with 8k down. I have a lifetime of free oil changes, 100k + 10 yr bumper-bumper warrenty, free roadside assistence, $400 off for being a college grad, $300 for trading in my old vehicle, & they’re paying the 1st 3 monthly payments. My new job definitely keeps my head above water & the car should be paid off by this summer. Oh, and my flip phone has blue tooth & is compatible with the hands free call feature lol Who knew? No need to upgrade.`
    I drove it off the lot today with my mom & everyone loves it! I’m so happy, but I’ll miss the old car. After many years of repairs, consistent maintenance, & inspection rejections due to far commutes, this car has served it’s purpose & kept me safe. I had to say goodbye as it will be used for parts. : ( ….That’s my big deal for Black Friday!
    Hello 2015!

    More deals will hit Cyber Monday & after Christmas for sure.
    Happy Thanksgiving Angela & Phil!


  3. Congratulations to Lisa jones on her car score!!!! I remember when she ate noodles at our house during sleep overs before Xc races !! WOW OMG all grown up LOL, loved the post one of my favorites with my grand cats! Love the coffee mug! Would have one but the caffeine in that cup would kill me


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