Atypical Tuesday

I don’t even know where to begin……
I had a workout planned for Tuesday, but I’ve been so scatterbrained that I forgot I had a class. When I realized this I made a new plan. Now the workout is happening today, that’s not a huge deal. I planned to watch the required videos for the class, that I didn’t watch because I forgot about the class, last night while running on the treadmill between 6:30, when I got home, and 8pm. This is an online class so as soon as I was done running I was going to change my shirt and release my hair from the 3+ hair ties it takes to keep it tightly in place while I run. Then I was going to sit in front of my computer like any well put together person who doesn’t forget about things would do. To finish the evening off I planned to perfect and submit my power point that is due tonight at midnight. Absolutely none of this worked out the right way. I couldn’t run and watch those videos because I had to find specific things in the videos and email them to my professor before the class started. Running and typing an email just wasn’t going to work. I had to put thought into this email and I couldn’t ‘bs’ my way through it. Once again my plan was tossed aside, but I was able to eat dinner while doing this so that was a win.

I finally got into the class and the wifi was going in and out. I lost connection to this class countless times. The best part was when I was on camera speaking and ninja opened the door and ran into the room and phil came crawling in the room like a cat after him, captured him, and quickly left. I didn’t know what to even say about the random activity going on behind me so I just told everyone I have cats….. 😳

This class ended around 9:45 and now I was stressed out because I didn’t get to run or finalize my power point yet, so I did what any normal person would do and I had a meltdown because I felt overwhelmed. Grad school itself isn’t overwhelming, but coupled with work and running it can become overwhelming. During this meltdown I established that I HAD to go running and that my current biggest fear in life was failing out of grad school and then failing to have the career I want which would make me miserable. Phil was lucky enough to get to experience this whole meltdown and then he pointed out that I am not failing my classes and rode his bike with me while I ran. I only ran 3 miles because it was 10:20 at night. Also, because my legs wouldn’t go any further. I’ve been having a lot of issues lately. My right foot is swelling and my left hamstring is really tight. I have nerve damage on the top of my right foot and since it’s often numb I occasionally strain the muscles between my first two toes. If I ignore it my body compensates, I run weird, and something becomes sore. I didn’t run Monday because usually taking a day or two off when this is an issues resolves it but it’s still bugging me. After I ran I decided that it was best if I didn’t do school work until today…….

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