Christmas is my favorite šŸŽ„

We now only have 17 days until Christmas and I can’t wait. I’ll get more excited every day as we get closer and closer to Christmas. Mostly because I love Christmas but partly because I will be closer and closer to being done my semester, partly because I will be less busy at work, partly because I’ll finally be taking a real break from running, and partly because I’ll actually be able to sleep.

When I was a child I loved Christmas because I love presents and having a week or two off from school. What kid doesn’t love that?

As I got older I continued to love Christmas for those reasons but I also started to appreciate the holiday season and for the fact that it meant that I would be spending time with family and friends and reflecting on all of the good things I have in my life.

This year I was so excited for Christmas that I decorated in the middle of November and I’ve been listening to Christmas music before it was even playing on the radio.

This year Phil and I are trying to have our own 25 days of Christmas by doing some kind of Christmas related activity every day starting on December 1st. This hasn’t been easy so far because I’ve been doing a lot of school work at night. I think we have successfully done some kind of small Christmas activity together everyday.

Let’s recap:
December 1st
– watched the Santa clause and drank Christmas coffee
December 2nd-Phil and the kittens listened to Christmas music while I was in my online class and I could hear it though the wall(this counts right?)
December 3rd-This day kind of went the same way as the previous day only instead of being in an online class I was finishing my power point presentation. Also, this was a Wednesday, the first day we listened to Christmas music at work, and Phil was on campus and saw me at work(this counts right?)
December 4th– I sang Phil my blog post about the 12 days of Christmas. He realllllyyyyyy enjoyed it. I also have a spectacular singing voice…..
December 5th-We were watching some kind of movie in the living room and I fell asleep with the kittens and we had Christmas candles lit(this counts right?)
December 6th- We had more Christmas coffee–AKA fancy, seasonal lattes from Dunkin donuts and listened to Christmas music. We also talked while listening to Christmas music that night.
December 7th- In the morning we watched claymation Christmas movies with Rudolph and frosty.

I had a lengthy list of Christmas activities but since I’m still not done this paper we have to postpone them. All of the activities I listed do count because I said so. I also plan to write a series of Christmas posts so stay tuned!

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