Life is a B****

For the second year in a row I will not run at xc nationals. I had a bad feeling early on in the week that something wasn’t right with my body but I tried to press forward and continue to work toward this race. I took Monday off from running in hopes that TUESDAY would be better. Tuesday I left work an hour early and told my teammate I couldn’t meet her for the workout. I went straight the urgent care and they told me to go to the emergency room. My right hand and arm were completely numb, as well as the right side of my face and lips. I spent too much time in the emergency room and nothing was concluded except that this was part of a migraine. I was given a ton of medicine that has kept me in bed for 2+ days feeling hung over and lethargic. If I’m lucky I don’t feel like my eye socket is being beaten by a sledge hammer. I feel horrible. Running isn’t an option. My hands and face went numb today when I tried to run. I made it .33 miles before stopping and saying it’s not worth it. I haven’t ran since Sunday. I can’t run, therefore I can’t race. I feel horrible for letting my team down, I feel horrible for missing work, I feel horrible for once again being so close to a goal and having the world rip it away from me. Maybe next year I’ll run at nationals…

2 thoughts on “Life is a B****

  1. Life really is a bitch sometimes, I completely agree! I won’t be running either, but 2015 we will be, I have a good feeling about it! And it’ll be in California, I think that beats PA . ;p


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