Weekend Festivities

This weekend was filled with lots of fun festivities!! If I wasn’t in the Christmas spirit before, I certainly am now!!!

In my opinion the weekend started on Thursday night. Thursday night Phil and I went to Longwood Gardens with his family. It is beautiful there at Christmas! We got home late and going to work Friday morning seemed like a blur, the whole workday did which is why I said the weekend started Thursday night. I hardly remember getting up, getting ready, going to work, working, being at work, and leaving work.

Phil & I at Longwood Gardens.

When I left work Friday I finished some last minute shopping, not Christmas shopping, birthday shopping for Phil. Today is his birthday! Its not always easy to get him a gift since his birthday is 3 days before Christmas but I like a challenge. Sadly, the gift is lame. Its a nice Christmas sweater that he said he liked when we were shopping a few weeks ago and the movie Arthur Christmas on blue ray. He doesn’t read my blog regularly, don’t worry, he will still be surprised to receive this gift. Its a lame gift but its better than me being a lame wife and saying Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas and combining the two occasions. Also, this is the 4th year I’ve thrown him a birthday party so that counts for something. The party is always fun. I enjoy having everyone come over and I love how nice our house looks when its decorated for Christmas, so its the perfect time to entertain its the only time we entertain. This year my family came to the party also. I even dressed nicely for the occasion. I wasn’t wearing a race shirt or any type of workout clothes. I took a selfie to prove it.


The best part of the night was when my mom said she was going to wear her white sweater like the one I was wearing but she couldn’t find it. I had to tell the truth and confess that I was wearing her white sweater……oooopppss. Another highlight of the party was the cake, I didn’t have candles so when we sang happy birthday Phil blew out one of my Yankee Candles. We have plenty of those. Aside from these hilarious moments the party was fairly uneventful.

Sunday I had 2 parties to attend. One was a gender reveal party and the other was a family holiday party. One of my best friends is having a baby and she had a gender reveal party, its a boy! I am happy for my friend because she is super excited to become a mom! Also, because I can play with her baby and give it lots of toys and candy and then go home and peacefully pet my cats! Attending this gender reveal party really got me thinking. I’ve known this friend since I was 14 years old, thats over 13 years of friendship. I can not believe how much time has elapsed, I can’t fathom how we got here. I don’t understand where time went, I don’t even understand how we are adults. I sometimes forget we aren’t teenage girls anymore and that we are grown women living adult lives. Its frightening sometimes but it reminds me of just how precious each moment is. Things can change in an instant whether its a good change or a bad one. Today I was reminded, in a good way, of just how precious time can be and just how special the moments in our lives our. After the gender reveal party I went to my family’s Christmas party. I was excited to go. Often times I think people take traditions like a yearly tree trimming party for granted but I don’t because, to add to what I previously said, you never know when these traditions will end. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and I am really lucky that this entire weekend was spent with so many people I love.

Here is a Sunday selfie, a 2nd rare day I wasn’t wearing workout clothes or a race t-shirt. I wore pink for the gender reveal party, also so I could wear my new sparkly soul headband!!

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