iRan: an update

I hadn’t ran since Sunday, December 7th until Sunday, December 21st. Since I felt decent I decided to go running and I ran 3 miles outside. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. As most people know I haven’t been running because I’ve been having some health issues. I still don’t have an answer or reason for why I’m feeling so horrible but I went to see a neurologist on the 15th. The neurologist gave me a prescription anti-inflammatory with a steroid to take for 6 days to reduce the inflammation in my blood vessels in hopes that I would no longer have a migraine or a headache of any type at the end of the 6 days. Thankfully, this helped and I no longer have a migraine or a headache. I don’t know how long this will last but for the time being I don’t feel completely horrible so I ran 3 miles on Sunday night. When I ran my hands and feet were still tingling but it wasn’t horrible. In comparison to a few weeks ago I felt great. I wanted to run again last night but my body just felt wrecked and I had a lot of issues with my hands being numb yesterday while I was at work. Hopefully tonight I can do another easy run and hopefully over time things just naturally improve and/or I get some type of answer for what is going on. I miss running, training, racing, my friends, and my team. I’m waiting on my insurance to authorize some tests and I have to schedule a few more doctors appointments and blood work after the holidays. It seems like the holidays are interfering with everything but since I love holidays I can’t be too angry. Right now I am just thrilled I was able to run that one day and I’m trying to stay positive and optimistic that my running will go back to normal soon.

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