BOWnus days of RED & Christmas Eve Eve

Last week I celebrated the 5 days of REDThis week I had 2 days of work and I had contemplated creating the 2 days of green. I did not create the 2 days of green because the majority of the green clothing I own is too bright to be seasonally appropriate. Instead, I did BOWnus days of RED!! YES, BOWnus days!! Incase you don’t get it, they are BOWnus days because I wore bows in my hair & I wore red. I’m certain that my coworkers thought they wouldn’t have to hear me talk about days of red anymore but I surprised them on Monday morning when I came into work and announced that we were now having a BOWnus day of RED!! They all seemed even more excited on Tuesday when I announced that we were now on the second BOWnus day of red! I took the advice of everyone who told me I should have photographed my initial days of red and I had Phil take pictures of my BOWnus days.

BOWnus day of RED #1!!  SEE THE BOW!?!?!?!
BOWnus day of RED #2 featuring another BOW!!

As you can see, I am very excited about Christmas, the color red, bows, ribbon, and the whole holiday season. If you look closely enough you can also see that I love coffee a lot too, but I drink coffee everyday not just on days of red or BOWnus days of red.

Tuesday was also Christmas Eve Eve and Santa drove around town on a fire truck. We heard sirens for hours….I also ran again and Santa drove by me and waved. This was exciting because I felt completely normal running Tuesday night. I don’t want to jinx it though so I’ll go back to writing this post about my Christmas spirit. Christmas Eve Eve is always one of my favorite days because you begin to see even the grumpiest people’s Christmas spirit and holiday cheer! Then with the blink of an eye its Christmas Eve and then Christmas. Phil and I decided that our Christmas Eve Eve activity would be walking down to the Christmas village. Sadly, this is the first time we were able to go to the Christmas village the whole holiday season. We got there just in the nick of time, right before they closed down. If this isn’t luck I don’t know what is! I am too excited about Christmas eve and Christmas day. I may even have to come up with a few more festive outfits and bows.

Let your Christmas spirit show today!

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