Christmas!! · Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday–Christmas ADVENTures

In 2007, for Christmas, Phil gave me an advent calendar. The advent calendar had 25 clues inside of it. Each clue led me to a gift, yes he gave me 25 gifts that year! This was an exciting Christmas ADVENTure!! I would open a door, read the clue, find a gift, then repeat until I got to the last door. I love treasure hunts, Christmas, and counting down how many days there are until Christmas so this gift was awesome. The best part about this advent calendar is that we still use it today. Every year we set it up and read the clues as we count down the days until Christmas. They are funny, unique, and most of them don’t make sense but its really cool to relive this experience every year. It was a Christmas I’ll always remember.

Photo on 12-25-14 at 1.14 AM

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