Resolutions or Goals

I’m not the type of person who enjoys making New Year’s resolutions, probably because I don’t think that one particular day is more important for making a change or setting a goal than the others–I, personally, enjoy setting goals all year long. I actually prefer the word goal over the word resolution. I admire the initiative that people have when it comes to making a change on the first of the year but I want to remind everyone that changes can be made on any given day, at any given time. You can make a change and set new goals whenever you choose to do so, remember that. You have the most power. Don’t be afraid to make new goals if you achieved your old ones. Don’t be afraid to make several small goals instead of one large goal. Your goals are YOURS and no one else’s. Make goals that you are comfortable setting and achieving–do not let others influence the goals you set for yourself.

I have several goals that I want to accomplish. These are goals I have always had and goals I just set for myself. Some are things I couldn’t accomplish last year, some are new things I want to accomplish, some are completely ridiculous, some are running goals, and some are personal goals.


1. Find out why I get such bad migraines so I don’t have to suffer with them anymore

2. (continuation of goal 1) I don’t want to spend anytime in the hospital, urgent care, or emergency room in 2015

3. (continuation of goals 1&2) Feel healthy enough to run faster and to be stronger

4. Increase my mileage/Run every day that I feel great, only take off days that I physically can not run or on necessary rest days

5. Stay focused on running even on the days that I don’t feel like running

6. Run outside as much as I can when it is freezing cold

7. Sleep more, go to bed earlier

8. Run under 18 minutes in a 5k

9. Run under 38 minutes in a 10k

10. Run under 5 minutes in the 1500

11. Do laundry regularly

12. Buy the domain name for my blog when I reach 100 posts (this is post 98)

13. Make a better effort to see my friends

14. Continue to do well in grad school by keeping that a top priority–changing my career to work in the field of sport psychology is a long term life goal and something I need to work toward every single day of my life

15. (Had this goal for a long time) Be able to do 100 consecutive pushups

16. Dress nicer when I am not running, at a running related event, or doing some type of workout

17. Run a PR at the 4th of July race

18. Finish making my office into an office, complete with hanging up my 1st Masters Degree

19. Start lifting more regularly/consistently

20. Learn how to use netflix on the TV

21. Download a new song every week

22. Use my gratitude journal and my believe journal!

4 thoughts on “Resolutions or Goals

  1. Happy New Year! You have some awesome goals and I have no doubt you will accomplish them!! I think XC Club Nationals is calling our names this year 😛


    1. I agree but because thats been my ultimate goal the past 2 years and i havent gotten there for reasons I have no control over I don’t want to put pressure it. I really do think we will both get there this year though!!

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  2. What is the fourth of July race? I want to do it now too! I hope we get to hang out so that is another goal reached ;).

    I know how hard the migraines have been for you and I do hope you find an answer


  3. There is a race in Pitman, a 4 miler! I have been doing it every year since 2007!! You should do it this year! I also hope we can have our dinner date soon! I also love exclamation points a little too much…


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