90s shoes

Today was magical. I spent $51 on 2 pairs of shoes and a maroon blazer. The blazer is from New York & Company. It was originally $70 and I paid $14 for it. I can assure you that it looks great on me, way better than it does on the hanger. Lately, I have become very found of the color maroon and I have been gravitating toward maroon colored pieces of clothing.

$14 maroon blazer!

I also took a trip to DSW. I spent $37 on 2 pairs of shoes. I purchased a tan pair of heels for $20, originally $40 & a black pair of shoes for $17, originally $34. Now for the reason that today was magical……I finally found the pair of shoes (the black ones) that I have been looking for!! I had a few pairs of shoes like this growing up. I had a pair in elementary school, middle school & high school. They were a classic staple in any young girl’s wardrobe back in the 90s or early 2000s–at least me and all of my childhood friends had shoes like this. I loved them. They were versatile, comfortable, and a functional pair of shoes that I could wear for long periods of time without my feet hurting. I even had a pair that held up well enough to make several appearances in college. One day I let a friend help me clean out my closet and they were thrown away. The shoes were in terrible condition but I loved them so much that it made me sad. It was pointed out to me by this same friend that these shoes were “too 90s”. I don’t know what that means but after I did a little research, by watching movies and TV shows from the 90s and early 2000s, I did notice that shoes like this were popular. Who knew? Not me. So, I had 90s shoes, loved them, lost them, and searched for a new pair for years. Today was the magical day that I finally found a pair!! I am beyond excited about this, so beyond excited that I plan to wear them regularly!

$17 90s shoes!
$20 tan heels!

What do you think? Are these shoes “too 90s”?? 

5 thoughts on “90s shoes

  1. They are “90s” but there’s nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong with embracing the style of a decade. I have several pairs of shoes like that.


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