Belief & Gratitude

Belief & Gratitude week 1

Last week was the first week I was able to use my believe journal. I ran 24.5 miles last week. This is not a lot of running. Seeing a number this low ordinarily makes me mad at myself. I usually feel like running so little is going to cause me to become a huge failure and never achieve my goals but right now I am okay with only running 24.5 miles last week. I couldn’t run for a while and I was feeling so horrible before that so I have no idea how many miles per week I was running. I stopped logging miles back in October because I kept seeing how low my weekly mileage was. It was making me severely upset that I couldn’t run more than 35 miles a week without getting sick with a migraine so I just ran, didn’t write it down, and forgot about every run unless it was a workout. Now that I have been feeling somewhat better I am trying to run normally again but I am starting at ground zero. I am not mad though. I am seriously just happy to run at all right now. Running 24.5 miles last week is 24.5 miles more than I have ran in a really long time. I know that I will be running high mileage again soon so for now I just have to be patient. Using my believe journal and the gratitude journal I decided to start has really helped me to be less upset with running so little. Focusing on the good things that happen in my life every day has made a HUGE impact on my training. I am doing my best to increase mileage gradually and appropriately while monitoring how I feel and not making myself feel worse, and I am not upset with myself for running so little. I am actually excited to start training and setting goals again.

Here are some awesome non-running related things that happened in my life this week:

I wore some on my new clothes and scarves

Phil and I went on a double date with his friend and his friend’s wife. I had a great time

On New Year’s Eve my parents had a bon fire and my mom made egg nog

The next day I used the egg nog as coffee creamer!

Phil & I made a list of spring cleaning chores

I didn’t write 2014 on any of my papers at work

The decals I ordered for my laptop came

I wrote my 100th blog post

I bought!!

I had breakfast with one of my favorite friends on Saturday morning

I went shopping and found some amazing sales

I also downloaded my first of the 52 songs I plan to download in 2015. Cool Yule by Louis Armstrong because it is in my favorite movie, Serendipity, and because it reminds me of Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Belief & Gratitude week 1

  1. Good for you for writing down your miles in your journal. I should be more specific in my logging. I know it is a big confidence booster when you look back on it just before a race. Happy blogging and running.

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