Hilarious moments

Hilarious & Noteworthy moments 1/1/15-1/8/15

January 1st:

I publicly declared that 2015 doesn’t feel any different

I made egg nog coffee by pouring egg nog in my coffee when I ran out of milk

Egg nog coffee. Mmmmmm

I concluded that the house feels and looks like an empty box without Christmas decorations

Sent this tweet when I had a life changing realization: Wow. All this time I didn’t believe flash drives worked in Apple computers but they do. I’ve been doing things the hard way for many years

January 2nd:

I drank a lot of coffee

2 days into the year I didn’t write 2014 on any of my papers at work (still haven’t!!)

My laptop decals came!

IMG_2754 IMG_2755

January 3rd:

I went to breakfast with my friend specifically to get red velvet waffles and the waffle iron was broken. This was a sad sad day…

I tried to figure out if I was a real blogger since I bought the domain name for my blog, I am still pondering this


January 4th:

Ninja was sad that Phil and I both had work again. He meowed and said winter break was over. When I got home he did this….

He is so precious

Junior didn’t really care that winter break ended

January 5th:

I ran on the treadmill while doing laundry so that the dryer would warm up the basement!!

January 6th:

Wore a pink satin sparkly soul headband and a warm winter scarf! Basically, this made the day go perfectly


Sent this tweet when I got home from work: Humming christmas songs when I get home from work is now a habit and no longer a seasonal norm. Still humming…..🎄⛄️🎅

and then this tweet: I almost fell off my treadmill bc I’m a klutz but I ran 5 miles yesterday & today so that’s a step in the right direction

January 7th:

I found a new hero at work. A mother told her college aged daughter to be responsible and I really enjoyed this because the daughter was irresponsible

I told Phil that I wanted to play diner, in other words I wanted breakfast for dinner. We had breakfast for dinner

Someone came to my job and said Susan told him we could help him but I don’t work with anyone named Susan….

January 8th:

I was petting my kittens and then they put a sleepy spell on me, I got tired, took this photo, and eventually fell asleep


Woke up and sent this tweet: You know it’s cold when you have been wearing under armor to bed all week

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