Tangled yarn & a RAGE RUN

For whatever reason this week has been really really rough. Nothing horrific has happened, *knock on wood* nothing specific has upset my world, nothing in my life is really horrible either but I am having a bad week. I am beyond thankful that nothing horrible is happening but I am still having a bad week. Its the little things. I don’t want to let the little things get to me, I don’t like to let the little things get to me, the little things aren’t actually getting to me but they are getting to me in the moment in which they are happening. They happen and then they leave my mind or memory for the most part but the thing is that this past week every little thing that has happened is strung together in a tangled ball of yarn. The yarn is different colors, it is tied in knots, and there is an infinite amount of it. It seems like it will not untangle and even when I finally get it untangled it is one long string of little irritating things and problems. It is just one problem tied to another and another and another. I am tired of all of the problems and issues that keep hanging off of the untangled string.

This week people have been popping up at random seeking advice, asking for help, taking a sudden random interest in what I am doing, why I am doing it, ect. I have been put in the middle of awkward situations more times than I can count this week. I have also been solving problems and putting out fires non stop. Now I am just frustrated. When I have bad days or weeks where I am really frustrated I either don’t want to run or I want to run A LOT. Today I did not want to run but I did anyway. Once I started running I did not want to stop. I switched right over to wanting to run A LOT, so I did. I ran 8 miles. That isn’t really a lot but it is a lot for the amount of running I have been doing lately. The only reason that I stopped was because in the moment when I hit the 8th mile I became a rational person and I knew that running all night long would most likely be harmful and not helpful. I am calling this a rage run because it was fueled by rage. Today I was so angry at life’s little irritating moments and I ran them all away. I think I can go to work refreshed tomorrow. I think I will react differently to random people popping up and the miserable interactions that Friday will bring. Every now and then a person needs a rage run to reset their tolerance for dealing with tangled yarn. Thank God for running & the patience that I sometimes have.

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