Belief & Gratitude

Belief & Gratitude week 3

This week I ran 35 miles in total. I finally feel like I can increase my milage and start doing long runs again next week so that is exciting. My classes started on Monday and so far things are going well. I like the classes I am taking this quarter and I like the fact that my weekends are mostly free at the moment. That is honestly a big help. I was eternally grateful for coffee this week because I barely slept.

Positive things that happened this week

The rain slicker that I have been waiting for since xc season finally came on Thursday. It was worth the wait.

Friday night Phil and I walked to the new Italian restaurant in town. I once again felt like I was walking around in stars hallow and that was probably the highlight of my week at that point. This restaurant will be one that we will return to often.

Saturday night I went shopping with a friend and I bought a cat sweater.

My class on Saturday was really awesome and I couldn’t be happier with how it went.

Sunday night I went to the diner with Hollie.

This week I downloaded the song It’s Amazing by Jem. Last week one of my teammates recommended this song to me as my download of the week and I took her advice. As its title indicates, the song is amazing. It is such an inspirational and motivating song. (Since I am trying to become more musically diverse I would welcome more song recommendations)

Overall I had a decent week even though the week wasn’t actually great. It could have been worse but as the week went on either things got better or my tolerance for things improved. I plan to keep working toward increasing my milage this week even though I will be working overtime. I am still loving my believe journal and I am still keeping a gratitude journal as well.

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