Things I did during “Juno”, the snowstorm that skipped South Jersey

Juno did not come to South Jersey. I was able to leave work 2 hours early on Monday–it was not snowing when I left work. I then had off all day Tuesday–it barely snowed.
Thanks Juno I enjoyed the time off and I didn’t even have to shovel.

Here is a list of things I did during the “snowstorm”
1. Cleaned my kitchen floor using my new hurricane spin mop. I highly recommend this product.
2. Cleaned my oven because I filled the house up with smoke while trying to bake corn muffins. (This warrants an entirely separate post)
3. Finally made the corn muffins
4. Cleaned my kitchen
5. Put laundry away
6. Did more laundry
7. Slept a lot because I never sleep
8. Did a video assignment with my instructor that I wouldn’t have been able to do until next week if it didn’t “snow”
9. Watched an interesting movie
10. Answered some emails
11. Hugged kittens
13. Drank lots of coffee
14. Made soup in the crockpot
15. Obviously, ran

What did everyone else do?

2 thoughts on “Things I did during “Juno”, the snowstorm that skipped South Jersey

  1. I live in the South so yesterday was a regular day for me. I had to wear long sleeves when I ran, though, guess that’s one downside (it was in the 40s when I ran, but the summer will suck with life-zapping humidity here). I am glad that the weather was not so bad for you and you had a productive day; I think we need some sort of weather event here to give me a kick in the butt to clean!


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