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Throwback Thursday–The second time I quit running

The second time I quit running was after college in 2009. It wasn’t intentional, it was accidental and I didn’t stop running entirely but I did stop competing. It happened gradually and I almost didn’t notice it–I didn’t notice it.

After I graduated from college I kept running. I decided to train as if nothing had changed and somehow I became injured. I believe I had an early onset of plantar fasciitis that, luckily, I caught in time. My heel and then both heels began to hurt and I couldn’t even walk normally. After about 2 weeks of running like this I decided it wasn’t getting better so I stopped running (for the most part) and went to the pool. Pool running became my new best friend. It kept me in good enough shape to run a PR in the 4th of July race and then to resume somewhat normal training. In September I ran the PDR (Philadelphia distance run), now known as the philly rock & roll 1/2 marathon. That was my first half marathon. The day after the PDR I could barely move and I started grad school the first time. After that the seriousness of my running declined dramatically. Part of it was probably burn out from 8 years of competing, part was probably due to life changes, part was because running wasn’t exactly fun anymore. I didn’t have running related goals but I did not stop running entirely. I just quit racing and training. I ran for fitness only and not every day. I quit competitive running and I didn’t miss it. This went on for approximately 2 years. Sometime in 2011 I decided I wanted to race again. I wanted to train again. I finally missed running and racing. I started to set some goals and I found some races. Things didn’t go horribly which is probably why I took running to a new level of seriousness. I eventually got a training plan and started doing workouts, which at the time were the reason I stopped competing. I hated workouts. I hated the stress of doing workouts all throughout high school and college and I longed for the day I would never have to do an interval workout again. Clearly, this has changed.

I had to quit racing for a while so that I could love running. I never loved racing and I always had a love hate relationship with running. Taking time away from the stress of the sport really helped me learn how important it was to me. It’s unfortunate that I had to spend so much time way from the running but I think it was necessary.

One thought on “Throwback Thursday–The second time I quit running

  1. I think sometimes people get too caught up in the competitive atmosphere of races. Obviously college running is one thing, but people do it at local road races, either getting competitive with other people or too competitive with themselves and beating themselves up when a race isn’t a PR. You have to be nice to yourself- do what you love and love what you do; you definitely don’t have to race to be a runner and as adults, none of us are running for a living or for a school, coach, trying to get a scholarship, etc, so nothing wrong with breaks if you need it mentally.


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