Back on track

Last night I did a track workout. I haven’t done a track workout since November 28th. I haven’t been running a lot and I have no training plan. If I wanted a training plan I could obtain one but I don’t want to do that right now. I want to focus on feeling healthy and running consistently before I decide to train for any races or set any real goals. I am enjoying the freedom that I have right now to focus on myself and my running in a non-stressful way. It has been nice to take this time to run for enjoyment while attempting to figure out why I got so sick and why I still have lingering issues. The plan I have is to make sure that I am healthy before I make any serious commitments or decisions about running. I want to focus on one run at a time.

Last night I chose to do a workout for a few reasons. First, I wanted to see where I stood and how much fitness I lost by taking time off and not running consistently over the past 2 months. Second, I had the opportunity to run a workout with friends. Third, agreeing to run a workout with other people would insure that I ran at a certain time, not 10 pm or later, and it would get me off the treadmill and outside. The past 2 days have been awesome because I have had people to run with immediately after work. If I so much as walk in my front door and spend more than 10 minutes doing anything else except switching my clothes there is a 99% chance I will stall my runs until the very last possible moment. It is no secret that I am part nocturnal and part insomniac but I don’t think running so late at night is helping the situation–too much adrenaline too close to bed time.

Oh right, the point of this post was that I ran a workout last night. I did 5×800: 2:59, 3:02, 3:02, 3:00, 3:00. It did not feel great but it didn’t exactly feel terrible. The splits were somewhat comparable to the last workout I did 2 months ago when I felt absolutely horrible. I am content with this and I just plan to see what tomorrow brings. Even though I had a decent workout I still don’t want to make any finite running related decisions.

5 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. Glad you got out there with friends! I agree that having a set time to run and people to run with helps, otherwise I will procrastinate my run and spend more time getting ready than running (hahaha). Those are pretty good 800 splits for not really running a lot lately too. And yeah, I try not to run too late either, otherwise I cannot fall asleep.

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