My office

I finally convinced Phil to move his stuff completely out of my office so that I could have a nice space to do my work. I have been working on this project and convincing him to move his stuff for a while now. I originally wrote about “crafting my office” before the holidays. I think the finished product fits my personality. I have all of my post college race bibs hung up, my books are on shelves for the most part, my medals are hung on the bookshelf, I have a few running trophies in here, I moved my Millrose memorabilia down here, I have a chair for reading with a cat sitting on it, candles, flowers, a picture of runners that a high school teammate drew for me, my computer, and a lot less junk in the drawers and closet. The only other thing that I want to do is hang my masters degree from Drexel on the wall above my computer but it is huge and frames are costly–I’ll have to save up for that. I am sure I will find more things to put in here over time but for now I finally feel like I can truly focus on doing my work. I made a video and uploaded it to my Facebook page. If you are interested you can see that here.

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