Optimistic outlooks


Goals can be painful sometimes but they are worth it. I haven’t had any free time lately. I am not complaining or attempting to seek pity I am just stating the reality of my daily life. I am glad I am in school. I could not be happier with the decision that I made, however, sometimes I get frustrated and overwhelmed. These are the moments that define your success. I do not enjoying working long days and then finding time to run and then staying up until 2 am doing school work but I enjoy the fact that I am working toward a goal. Lately I have only been able to look into the future, at the big picture. Living in the moment is hard when you aren’t sleeping but knowing that with every waking moment you are closer and closer to the end goal is an amazing feeling. The past few weeks I feel like I have been living in hell because I am tired and people have been really nasty towards me. I find myself saying that things aren’t fair and that I don’t deserve this[whatever the situation is] and although this is probably true I have learned that nothing is fair and people almost never get what they deserve right away. I have come to the realization that things are just not going the way I hoped (aside from school) because you can’t find fairness or obtain the things that you deserve without a lot of hard work. I feel like I work incredibly hard already but I have a lot more hard work ahead of me. One day I will be able to cash it in for dreams!! Hard work and dedication take sacrifices. There is no way I will get the end result that I desire if I do not suffer and struggle and make small sacrifices in the interim. My motto lately has been “It Is all about the long term”. I am confident that things will end up the way that I want them to if I keep looking forward.

Always look ahead when things seem difficult or overwhelming. Never loose sight of what you really want. Goals and dreams take time. They do not happen overnight. They will test you but if you truly want to succeed you will find a way no matter what the circumstances are.  You will have to be dedicated and determined and make A LOT of sacrifices but what dreamer doesn’t?


3 thoughts on “*BE A DREAMER*

  1. I was just talking about this very some point yesterday. As I’m struggling to balance life, running, work, and begin a new career it all becomes overwhelming at times. But I am keeping my eye on the prize!!! In the end it’ll be sweet!!!

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