Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday–The time I ran a 5k using a pseudonym

One time during my senior year of college my XC team had a race on a Friday. Like almost every race I ran in college, I was unsatisfied with how I ran. Since I was unsatisfied and I knew of a 5k road race the next day I decided to run that race too. I wanted to run a really great time so that I could gain confidence before the race the following weekend. I was sure, at that time, that my friends and family wouldn’t think running 2 races back to back was wise but I did it anyway–I used a fake name. I ran this 5k under the pseudonym Aries Snow of Mystic, Connecticut. Aries Snow almost won prize money but had to back off and take 4th place. Aries Snow knew that she wouldn’t be able to cash the check that the race director was inevitably going to write out to ‘Aries Snow’ before handing it over to her at the awards ceremony. I had fun pretending to be Aries Snow and I think we all need a running pseudonym! If I ever vanish from the running world (I don’t plan to but just in case) look for Aries Snow in the race results, thats how you’ll be able to find me!

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