Running partners

Athletes are very complex and there are so many variables and outside factors that can influence performance. I could write forever on this topic but I won’t because that isn’t what this post is about. 

Over the past year and a half I have been blessed to find amazing running partners, 2 in particular, that have absolutely changed everything. Running isn’t as complicated as it can be when you are doing it with the right people. Those outside factors and variables aren’t relevant when you have a running partner(s). They balance you out, they point out your idiotic worries and self defeating tendencies and they counter them with reality, they hold you accountable to workouts you don’t want to do, they drag you outside on days you don’t want to run but need to run, they run with you at bizarre and inconvenient times, and they always care about those outside factors and variables that influence your running. The best part is, they don’t let those things stop you from achieving your goals–they make you want to work harder, figure it out, and run despite those things. 

I’ve had some moments when I didn’t want to do workouts or even run but I did anyway because I knew I had the support and I was being held accountable for my training, in a good way of course. 

Does anyone really want to run when it’s below 20• outside? Does anyone want to run a track workout at 10pm on a Tuesday? Does anyone want to run immediately after work? Does anyone want to run in snow or rain? Most importantly, does anyone want to constantly endure setbacks and have to keep starting over??? YES!!! I do. Well, I do now because I have running partners. It’s so much easier to do these horrible things when you aren’t alone and I am so greatful that I am not alone! We may not run together everyday but we talk almost daily and it really does help me get out the door or down to basement (to run on the treadmill). 

I love you guys. 💚

4 thoughts on “Running partners

  1. So glad for your partners in running!!! I dont have a ton of training partners but am over the top grateful for the support of my family and coach! Always hear me out, provide guidance and encouragement. Love ’em

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  2. Yes!! I love my BRF to pieces. She brings the best out in me on a run. And I hope I do for her too. It’s a challenge to find the right pacing partner. But I’ve been so fortunate.


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