Not everything should go on the internet

It may seem like I blog about everything that is going on in my life but the truth is I don’t put every detail of my life on the internet. Not everything should go on the internet and I am very mindful of that. Since I started this blog I feel like I have been more open and honest and I am more willing to share my life with others, whether or not other people read what I write is a different story though! I think I have become more secure with myself and more open about my life since I started blogging and I can see how I have grown as an athlete and as a person since I started. I love writing positive things and I love writing about running. I also enjoy being honest about the things in my life that aren’t wonderful because they need to be acknowledged too. What I have realized over the past 6 months is really interesting though. I have realized that people think reading my blog means that they know everything there is to know about me. People think if I don’t blog about something that it must not be true or that if I do blog about something that whatever I write is all there is to say about that topic. I recently had someone say, “I didn’t see a blog post about XYZ..I am shocked at what you are telling me!” I quickly pointed out that I DO NOT put everything on the internet. I don’t put every detail of my life on the internet because I respect myself, I respect other people, and because some things are just personal. I have done 3 really drastic things in the past few months and I haven’t put any of them on the internet because they do not belong there, so I guess I can understand the shock when people aren’t getting the answers they need from my blog or on my twitter page. The point I am trying to make is that just because a person has a blog or other forms of social media and shares their life online doesn’t mean that you actually know the person. We all need to be mindful of that.

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