Frustations & thoughts about the medical field 

If I had a wish right now I would wish I was able to run and train for a race, any race. No scratch that, I actually wish that people in the medical field would stop ignoring patients who have been suffering for years and misdiagnosing them or refusing to look further into the complaints the patients are making. If that wish came true than I wouldn’t need to wish I could train for a race. I wish before prequalifying  a patient because they are young and haphazardly deciding that they just have anxiety, depression, or can’t handle their life that a doctor or anyone in the medical field would stop and listen. 

A week ago I found a doctor who stopped and listened to me, the only one who ever truly listened after 6.5 years of suffering and being disregarded. He did not tell me I was depressed or had anxiety. He did not tell me I couldn’t handle my life and he said something is really wrong. Still, no one knows what is wrong but at least I don’t feel crazy anymore. Maybe one day a miracle will happen and I’ll feel healthy enough to continue training and I’ll get my life back but for now I urge medical professionals to treat patients with care and to let them voice their concerns because no one knows how a person feels except that person. Not every patient is going to fit into a textbook definition and not every patient can be treated by a cookie cutter formula. Do not accuse people of having mental disorders or not being able to handle their life just because you can’t provide an answer, help them find the answer or send them to someone who can. Don’t rush your patients out of the office, spend the time and help! 

4 thoughts on “Frustations & thoughts about the medical field 

  1. Finding a good physician is tough. Finding a good physician who understands the concerns of athletes is like a needle in a haystack (if you ever find a doc like that keep them forever, seriously).

    I have dealt with low ferritin/iron for years now and it’s frustrating because I have to ask for tests and get very little feedback. My doc told me that my results were normal, yet my iron and ferritin were at the very bottom of normal. That is probably fine for someone who is sedentary and maybe exercising 3x a week but not for someone training for a half marathon, even if it’s someone like me who isn’t fast and is a recreational local runner (40 mpw is a lot on your body no matter what pace it is).

    Basically, I’m always a few missed iron supplements away from anemia.

    I glad you found someone who listens, understands, and get to the root of things. Sometimes I think doctors think they know it all, with all the experience and education they have… but in the end we know our bodies better than anyone else, after all we are the ones who are living in them… so it is up to them to listen to us.

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  2. I love and totally agree with your thoughts on this topic the doctor/patient relationship is HUGE. I’ve been in the medical field now since 95′ and my biggest rule is that the patient knows themselves best listen … then proceed with possible solutions of game plans to the problem. I’ve also been on the end of things were the doctor doesn’t listen to a word I say. I think that is why listening is HUGE with me. I finally have a team of doctors that listens to me and I’m glad you found one who finally listens to you. Best wishes in your search for the ultimate solution for you. You have a cheerleader over here 🙂

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  3. I have so been there with doctors who are unable/unwilling to spend the time hunting for a proper diagnosis. It’s the worst feeling ever. I really hope you’ve found someone who will treat you as an individual! It sounds like he has the right approach. 🙂

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