Snow Globe

Thursday it snowed in South Jersey, A LOT! It was magical. I don’t like winter but I like snow when I end up having the day off from work, when it creates beautiful scenes in nature, and when I can go for snow walks while its snowing. Phil and I both had off from work so we went for a nice snow walk. Naturally, I froze but it was so worth it. Snow is really beautiful when it is fresh and unflawed with no footsteps, no salt ruining its purity, and when no one is around. It is so picturesque the way it lays on tree branches and park benches so perfectly. Phil and I walked through the peach orchards and into the park and I couldn’t stop smiling because I felt like I was in a snow globe.

2 thoughts on “Snow Globe

  1. Yep! I totally get you 100%! That’s what this born and raised marylander now Florida transplant missed about the north. A batch a fresh laid powder on the ground 🙂


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